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Hathor's Desire: Goddess of Love and Pleasure [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Laurent/Jumoke: A Night for Forgiveness PART 3 [Oct. 30th, 2005|02:35 am]
Hathor's Desire: Goddess of Love and Pleasure
[mood |hornyhorny]

inuyasha_the_fallen_one: Warm and tired, he wrapped his arms around Laurent, and did just that. Slept, for the first time in days he slept peacefully. His dreams were a mixture of past encounters with the prince, and hopeful future encounters. He slept for hours undisturbed, and completly happy next to his prince.

kagome_kamiya796: Snuggling against the person who ment more then anything to him , Laurent let his eyes fall closed, he awoke from time to time only to find the young man still sleeping peacefully. Jumoke would have to return to the slave quarters that afternoon (assuming it;s morning) but they still had several hours until then

inuyasha_the_fallen_one: Opening his eyes,he smiled to find the prince still with him. He kissed his forehead, wishing the prince could be pharoah today,so they could show each other there love in such ways, everyday. he watch Laurent sleep, unwanting to move and disturb his sleep, though he felt he already had with his kiss.

kagome_kamiya796: The boy's eyes fluttered and opened, "I love you," he smiled moving to kiss him sweetly on the mouth.

inuyasha_the_fallen_one: He returned the kiss"I love you too, Laurent"he whispered. Looking around him, he figured the morning was half over. He sighed knowing soon he'd be returning to the hellish slave quaters. So very far from his lover's arms. He shook his head, and began to kiss Laurent again and again.

kagome_kamiya796: Leaning into the kiss Laurent wrapped his arms around Jumoke's neck, returning his kisses feverishly. "I need you!" he panted softly

inuyasha_the_fallen_one: He smiled"Didn't you already have me..."he smirked"...twice"he bit gently at his neck"my legs were all the way on these strong shoulders or yours, weren't they?"he asked as if he didn't remember.

kagome_kamiya796: He blushed deeply, "I want you..." he whimpered, "Inside!" Laurent touched his arm, his face was so hot. He pulled Jumoke onto him, "please?"

inuyasha_the_fallen_one: He looked down at Laurent"were running out of time my love"he bit his lip, god he wanted him so bad. But he coulden't retreat to the slave quaters half finished.

kagome_kamiya796: He nodded, "I'm sorry...." the young man pulled away from him, "You're right, my love." Laurent sat up and pulled on his night robe, tying the sash

inuyasha_the_fallen_one: He wrapped his arms around his waist and pulled him back onto his lap"I never said I was finished with you Laurent....."he bit at his neck from behind while Laurent sat in his lap.

kagome_kamiya796: "Ahh," the boy gasped, leaning back into him, he could feel his lover's arousal pressing against him. He moaned softly, he could still taste the young man's release on his lips from their earlier fun. "Ju-Jumoke!" he whimpered the man's name, his hands came around his neck from behind, "ohh gods..."

inuyasha_the_fallen_one: He ran his tongue around every inch of flesh he could reach, his hands moving to untie the nightrobe. As it fell open his hands, run up the mans chest, pulling him tighter to him. Part of the robe he still sat on, prevented Laurent's flesh meeting with Jumoke's. Jumoke lifted up, to press against the boys bottom.

kagome_kamiya796: He gasped, leaning his head back against Jumoke's shoulder to kiss him, his tongue massaging his. "Take me..." he hissed as Jumoke bit him again, "I want you inside me!"
kagome_kamiya796: (thats so hot)

inuyasha_the_fallen_one: He stood,forcing Laurent to stand with him. standing close to the wall, he pushed on Laurents back, forcing him to bend."Put your hands on the wall"he rasped, desire filled his voice as his hand pulled the rest of the annoying robe off.

kagome_kamiya796: He obeyed without hesitation, and groaned, pressing his head against the wall as well, Laurent closed his eyes tightly. He was trembling now with intense desire, his leg muscles ached, his member was rock hard, throbbing like mad.

inuyasha_the_fallen_one: He debated weather or not to torture him before entering, But he wanted him just as bad and coulden't wait to feel Laurent's body accomodate him. He put his hands on the side of his hips, and pushed inside Laurent slowly the first time. He closed his eyes as the heat of Laurent wrapped around him.

kagome_kamiya796: The boy's mouth fell open"Ahhhh" he hissed through clenched teeth. Laurent arched his back against him, "harder!" He said his hands slid against the wall.

inuyasha_the_fallen_one: He pulled back, and slammed deeper into Laurent,he felt the tip reach the nerve that always set Laurent moaning. He was going so slow, dragging his pleasure out, but each thrust was powerful enough to rock Laurent forward. He didn't want to speed up just yet, he liked to hear the boy beg.

kagome_kamiya796: "Oh god oh my god!" Laurent moaned loudly as he thrusted into him, "oh please Jumoke, give it to me!" He thrusted back against him while Jumoke moved forward. "give it to meeee!" His voice cracked as he cried for more.

inuyasha_the_fallen_one: "oh yes, beg for it my prince"he cried as he slammed into him again, speeding up, giving the boy what he needed"louder Laurent! let the whole palace know how much you love this!"he continued pounding into his love, his hand soaked with sweat sliding along the other side of his hip.

kagome_kamiya796: "Oh GOD! ah ah ahhhh!" Tears of pleasure and ecstasy rolled down his cheeks. "Oh yes! Jumoke, give it to me!" he sobbed as the young man pounded him into oblivion, sending him closer and closer to the edge. His cock ached for attention twitching and tightening even more. "I'm g-going to!"

inuyasha_the_fallen_one: He felt his own release build deep within him, he slammed harder into the boy."oh god Laurent, come with me!"he cried as he felt his climax reach its peak, and his release explode from his tip deep inside Laurent.

kagome_kamiya796: "Jumoke, I'm going-" before he could finish speaking the young prince's release exploded from his body against the wall splashing against his legs as Jumoke pounded him against the wall like a hammer to a nail. The boy cried out with absolute pleasure.

kagome_kamiya796: (the greatest simile ever)
inuyasha_the_fallen_one: (haha yes)

inuyasha_the_fallen_one: He held himself inside the boy for a moment, letting the last of his release come, before pulling out."Oh my prince! your such a mess!"Jumoke said dropping to his knees"stay just the way you are"Jumoke put his hands on the boys cheeks(no not his face)his tongue gently ran across the inside of them.
kagome_kamiya796: (oh god thats soooo hot)

kagome_kamiya796: Laurent nearly screamed, he was physically and emotionally exhausted, panting, he was barely able to hold himself up against the wall. "You...are amazing.." He whimpered feeling Jumoke's hot tongue still against his tender flesh, he turned around to look down at him, cum was dripping from his well defined cock. He leaned his back against the wall.

inuyasha_the_fallen_one: "Hey"Jumoke said"I wasn't done..."he smiled"but this is just as good"he ran his tongue across the princes length, catching all of his juices, before swallowing deeply"god you taste so good..."he ran his tongue over all the cum on the boy's thighs and on his sac. After tasting so much of him, he wanted more. He looked up at the prince hungry, before taking his cock deep into his mouth.

kagome_kamiya796: "ahhhhh," the boy groaned, pressing into his, loving the feel of Jumoke's hot mouth. "Oh gods, you're s-so beautiful I love you!" Laurent cried feeling his body tenseing all over again, "Jumoke! I'm going to!" It was too soon, his face was crimson with embarressment but he couldn't help it.

inuyasha_the_fallen_one: He swallowed hard, as the boy's wonderful taste filled his mouth, he let the liquid gather on his tongue before swallowing again. He stood and kissed Laurent, his tongue covered in the boys cum. Payback.

kagome_kamiya796: Licking his lips Laurent to his bottom lip in his mouth first then the other one, he sucked on the boy's tongue and grinned. "I don't have a problem with my own taste," he said blushing

inuyasha_the_fallen_one: Jumoke smiled, and ran his finger over the tip of Laurent's length gathering a bead of cum on his finger, he pressed it to the boys lips"good" he whispered.

kagome_kamiya796: He sucked on it eagerly, his tongue licked at the tip of his finger, brushing his teeth over the flesh and bit his finger lightly.

inuyasha_the_fallen_one: "mmm"he moaned slightly as he felt teeth bite down on his finger. He smiled at Laurent for a minute"mmm do you feel better now?"he asked softly as he pulled the exausted boy to the bed with him.

kagome_kamiya796: He smiled closing his eyes. The scent of cum and their bodies soaked with sweat filled his senses it was enough to drive him mad, the greatest smell on earth. Holding onto him tightly, Laurent snuggled with him in bed, he would soon have to return to the slave quarters, "I adore you, Jumoke," he whispered

inuyasha_the_fallen_one: He buried his head against the prince, god he felt so good, everything felt so good. And for the first time he cried in front of Laurent, keeping his face hidden he clutched onto the boy"Don't make me go back Laurent! they hurt me so much!"Tears ran off his face and onto Laurent"Don't let them hurt me!"

kagome_kamiya796: Tears welled up in his eyes, wrapping his arms around the young man, Laurent wept with him, "Darling, I won't!" he said kissing him, rubbing his back, "I won't!" He massaged Jumoke's lower back trying to calm him.

inuyasha_the_fallen_one: They both knew Laurent's words were empty, there was nothing he could do for him until he became pharoah. He cried a little while longer, because he wanted Laurent to know how bad it was, how much he suffered for him. After calming he stood"its late afternoon Laurent I have to go back..."

kagome_kamiya796: "No...baby," Laurent grabbed his wrist. "Please..."

inuyasha_the_fallen_one: Looking back at him he smiled a little"Laurent please I must go..."a small flicker of hope flashed in his eyes for a second, thinking maybe he woulden't have to go back, though they both knew it was unlikly.

kagome_kamiya796: "Stay with me....I'm not the Pharaoh yet, but I am old enough to have power. They will not take you away from me, not this time." Laurent pulled him back on the bed, "please stay....I dont want them to hurt you, I won;t let them ever again, my love."

inuyasha_the_fallen_one: He touched his face"You must be strong for me..."he whispered and kissed him"I love you Laurent"he pulled away from the boy, and dashed down the hall, he had to return to the slave quaters before they knew where he had been and what he had been doing.

kagome_kamiya796: "No!" Laurent reached for him, "Don't leave me!" but before he could run after him the young man had grabbed his clothes and left. The boy covered himself with the bed sheets, they smelled of their couplings. He held them close to his face and wept. I swear, my darling, I will be strong for you...
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Laurent/Jumoke: A Night for Forgiveness PART 2 [Oct. 27th, 2005|11:45 pm]
Hathor's Desire: Goddess of Love and Pleasure
inuyasha_the_fallen_one: He was only half aware of the kiss, it had been so long, it had quite an effect on him. After the kiss he fell back, his body exausted. Strangly enough after seeing a woman such as Halima and being ignored by Laurent he found his thoughts on her and not what they had just shared.

kagome_kamiya796: The boy wiped his mouth and lay next to him, Laurent rolled over onto his chest "I've really missed you..." he whispered out of breath from his mouth being full for so long. He pressed a kiss onto Jumoke's nipple. "You...are so beautiful."

inuyasha_the_fallen_one: "Laurent..."he said not really knowing what else to tell him. He forgave him, but until he was pharoah and his promise fufilled he just didn't know what kind of relationship they could have"I love you Laurent you know that.....don't you?"

kagome_kamiya796: The boy's eyes moistened, "You love me?" He sat up he couldn't help but smile, "You still love me?" He kissed him again, running his fingers through Jumoke's hair, "I love you so much!"

inuyasha_the_fallen_one: Jumoke smiled a little"Yes I told you I always would"He said smiling, kissing him again."I'm so tired Laurent, they hardly ever let me sleep anymore"he said laying his head back against the large soft pillow.He pulled Laurent close to him, an easy task, even when he was so tired.

kagome_kamiya796: He nodded, "Sleep, my love, sleep as long as you need to. I'm not leaving you." Laurent snuggled closer against him, licking his lips, te boy closed his eyes as well. Allowing himself to drift into a peaceful nap.

inuyasha_the_fallen_one: He closed his eyes, letting the warmth coming off Laurent comfort him. His eyes just barly started to close when voices were heard outside the hall, the show was over and they were rounding up the low servants. This ment two things: they would come searching for him: And that girl would be on her way here"Laurent..."he shook the prince"I need to go..."

kagome_kamiya796: Opening his eyes Laurent shook his head, "Don't worry, the girl is bedding with one of the warriors tonight," he smiled kissing him. "We have the whole night," Laurent kissed him again, "And then some..."

inuyasha_the_fallen_one: His eyes pleaded"But the men, they'll come looking..."he looked at Laurent for a long moment without blinking he didn't want to hurt the boy, but could he really risk being caught again? He didn't know what to do and looked towards Laurent for guidence.

kagome_kamiya796: "They aren't allowed to come in here, Jumoke." He said blushing a little. the young man was goregous in this dim lighting of the candles, the room was the scent of lovely perfumes. Laurent kissed his neck, "Everything's going to be okay..."

inuyasha_the_fallen_one: Lifting his head so Laurent could have more he let the subject go. He could tell the boy wanted him, wanted more then just to hold him. His eyes were so heavy, but he wouldent let Laurent down, he returned his kisses. Biting where his neck and shoulders met Jumoke told him he woulden't leave him out of fear.

kagome_kamiya796: "Shhh," Laurent pushed him back, "Darling, if you want to sleep for a while it's okay..." He said kissing him gently on the mouth.

inuyasha_the_fallen_one: They didn't have the luxury of time and they both knew it"I'll be fine...I've been tired before"he pushed against the boy to easily regain his position, kissing, and licking his neck."Please...I need you"he breathed at the boy. Who know how long it would be until they could be like this again.

kagome_kamiya796: "Oh!" He pressed his neck against his mouth. "My god, Jumoke!" The boy whimpered against him.

inuyasha_the_fallen_one: He pulled the boy on top of him, an ackward position for Laurent, Jumoke was careful never to let Laurent have him that way"Laurent, please...'' He was to tired to take his normal position, And looking up at Laurent, he decided this would be the best way to seal the swear Laurent had made to him.

kagome_kamiya796: His eyes widened, he wanted him to top!? Laurent gasped, "You...want me to..." He blushed horribly, "J-Jumoke....I..." No he can't actually want me to!

inuyasha_the_fallen_one: "Is there a problem Laurent?"he asked in his old familiar deep, commanding voice. His body shifted under Laurent, as he watched the boy wondering what his problem was, and just how he could manage to fix it for him.

kagome_kamiya796: His was crimson now, "No! Not at all," his hands shook a little. Oh gods....can I actually? Laurent swallowed hard the lump in his throat, he pushed Jumoke on his back and pulled the boy's legs over his shoulders. He smiled a small, nervous smile at his lover. Entwining his fingers with Jumoke's Laurent pressed forward, it was a test on his lover's flexibilty but Laurent was sure the young man could handle it.

inuyasha_the_fallen_one: He reached for the boy"Calm down Laurent"he said softly, he was worried about Laurents strength holding out, it was alot of work, and he didn't exactly know if the frail boy would be up to it. He trusted he could and told him so to calm the nervous boy down"you'll be fine Laurent"

kagome_kamiya796: He nodded, sucking in a breath, he went deep inside him. Jumoke was tight but not too tight in discomfort. Laurent closed his eyes feeling his inside take him willingly. He let out a whimper, "A-are you okay?" He managed.
kagome_kamiya796: insides*

inuyasha_the_fallen_one: He groaned as the boy entered, it was an adjustment but it was easily made. He was always top, and it was a switch,seeing Laurent in control for once.He looked up at him and nodded"don't worry I'll be fine"he whispered, shifting around slightly.

kagome_kamiya796: Laurent held his hands tightly, pulling out half way he pushed into him again. Oh gods! I can't beleve i'm doing this! He was horrified at the change, never had Jumoke ever demanded him as a top, it's a test...the boy thought to himself, he sighed and pulled back before slamming into his roughly. His hands went beneath Jumoke's knees allowing himself more room to move, his mouth fell open as he slammed into the young man again.

inuyasha_the_fallen_one: He groaned again as the boy slammed into him. It was so much easier to please Laurent this way, he tightened around him every now and then, but mostly Let Laurent work him. it was so more intimate putting his pleasure in the boy."Laurent! H-harder!"he cried for more. Testing the boy, seeing how much he could give.

kagome_kamiya796: "Oh Jumoke!" The boy gasped, gripping harder beneath his knees now slick with sweat, pounding in an out of him. Laurent arched his back as he moved faster, pulling the man's legs farther over his shoulders

inuyasha_the_fallen_one: He watched the boy begin to burn, and he cried out his reward. He was so proud of him, here he was doubting his strength and yet he was acceling in this position. His body was soaked with sweat from being pounded by Laurent, his legs tense around Laurents neck, as he began to moan, despite the fact of being caught.

kagome_kamiya796: "I-I love you!" He panted slamming his body harder and harder against the young man. Laurent opened his eyes suddenly, his left hand going for Jumoke's rock hard organ, pinching the tip roughly as he slammed into him over and over.

inuyasha_the_fallen_one: He felt Laurents hand on him and cried out as he felt the contact. His hand was working his front already, but having Laurent grasp it sent sparks of pleasure through him. He tightened around Laurent"G-god I'm close! more Laurent more!"

kagome_kamiya796: The sudden friction added send sparks before his eyes, Laurent groaned loudly. His hand jerking, squeezing on his member. He squeezed the tip watching as the hot fluid began to flow off it's own accord on his hand and fingers "ah! ahh!" His body trembled, he was close to climax. his mucles tightening all over.

inuyasha_the_fallen_one: He cried out Laurents name again and again as he clmaxed,"oh god yes! Come inside me Laurent!"he begged as his climax rocked him. His body shaking, as he felt Laurent tense up inside him. oh god please laurent! please do it! he thought as he watched his love's face.

kagome_kamiya796: The boy was shaking on the bring of losing it all, his mouth fell open his eyes closed tightly. "Oh GOD!" He cried feeling his juices burst from his body filling his lover with his seed. Laurent was trembling as he pulled out of him, collapsing against him, both boys sweating and panting .
kagome_kamiya796: were*

inuyasha_the_fallen_one: He wrapped his arms tightly around him and clutched the exausted boy to his chest. He felt the heat almost suffocating him as he stroked Laurents back"I'm so proud of you"he kissed his head gently. He held his close to his heart, his eyes were so heavy, but he stayed awake stroking the boy telling him how good he did.

kagome_kamiya796: The boy wept, not with embarressment but with joy and excitement. breathing heavily Laurent kissed his neck and chest, "I 'm so glad I was am to please you..." he whispered happily
kagome_kamiya796: able*

inuyasha_the_fallen_one: He smiled and nodded, returning his kisses"Laurent.."he said after a long moment of silence"The suns come..."he said sadly, kissing him once more"I must go to the servants quarters, there going to be waking us for morning duties soon..."

kagome_kamiya796: Tears filled his eyes, "No..." He blinked furiously at the tears, he looked away ashamed. "Jumoke...I dont want to lose you...." he sat up and turned away, his body soaked with sweat, sticky juices of the young man's release still on him. "I can;t!" he said.

inuyasha_the_fallen_one: He turned the boy to face him, his eyes held circles under them."Laurent, your not losing me I promise, but tonight has ended I must go back"he kissed the boy deeply."Rest your eyes Laurent you worked so hard tonight"he whispered kissing him again.

kagome_kamiya796: Sobbing the boy wrapped his arms around his neck, "Please don't go!" he wept childishly. Any way he'd proved himself that night was probably dead now. The boy's tears rolled down his crimson cheeks. "I-I'm sorry...I just...I dont want to be alone. I love you!"

inuyasha_the_fallen_one: He buried his head in his neck"shh its ok, your never alone. you know that"he stroked his back gently, his voice growing weaker"shh..."he eyes fell closed as his head lie buried in Laurents neck, so tired. he thought to himself as his body started to grow limp.

kagome_kamiya796: Laurent took Jumoke in his arms and laid him against the pillows, kissing his forehead, the boy spoke, "No one will hurt you. I am the prince and no one is allowed in here without my permission." Brushing his bangs back, Laurent pressed another kiss on Jumoke's cheek.

inuyasha_the_fallen_one: He needed sleep so badly, his body was so tired. He reached for Laurent"Thank you...I need this..."Jumoke managed to reach for the boy to come to him a little longer before his arms lowered to the bed slowly. he wanted Laurents body pressing against him while he slept.

kagome_kamiya796: He smiled and lay against his shoulder, kissing his neck, Laurent wrapped his arm around Jumoke's neck. "Sleep now, my Love," He whispered.
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Zuberi/Halima: Reuniting through Tragedy [Oct. 27th, 2005|05:40 pm]
Hathor's Desire: Goddess of Love and Pleasure
XanderHew: The great hall was louder than it had been for years. The warriors of the Ra Division had just returned from their glorious battle against the Naubians.Zuberi was sitting in the corner chatting alongside the Pharoah about the conquest. He was the youngest leader of any of the divisions and was looked highly upon by the pharoah. Perhaps it was his great skill of war tactics, or maybe that the pharoahs son put in a good word for him. He had yet to see his childhood friend, Laurent, and was afraid to as well. The rumors about him had circulated through many of the other divisions, but Zuberi didnt tolerate it amongst his men. He was loyal to his friend, and could not believe that he would defile himself in such a way. While in the middle of a conversation about the tactics used during battle, a loud noise was heard, as the great hall doors opened. It was another small army, of beautful women who made their rounds about the men. Their mission was to make the warriors feel at home, and with the clothing they were wearing, it was sure to be a victory. The women crawled over the drunken men, as they began to seduce them one by one. The hall growing louder with music, laughter, and loud boasts of who was the strongest warrior of them all. Zuberi sat back and watched as the men enjoyed their night off. Then the room grew quiet, or perhaps Zuberi toned them out, as Halima walked through the large great hall doors. "Who is that, Pharoah?" Zuberi asked as he caught a glimpse of her. "That is Halima, you remember her dont you? She was just a little girl when you last left our land." Zuberi couldn't believe his eyes, that the once young and playful Halima was now a grown beautiful woman. She made her way to the center of the room, as the music changed.

pissiMissi796: She was nervous as hell, her movements didn't wain but her heart pounded and as the music sped up as she turned on her heels and pulled down the mask to protect her face. Grabbing her weapon of choice, a golden dagger covered with jewels, Halima lunged for her opponent. She's forgotten the crowd around her and the Pharaoh, she for got the handsome Jumoke, all of her thoughts focused on the other girl. They were no longer servants in a glorious palace but wild animals in a fight to the death.

XanderHew: Zuberi wasnt expecting a fight amongst the women, and sat up as the knife was drawn by Halima. He looked at the pharoah, and the pharoah looked back saying, "Isnt it beautiful watching two creatures such as this fighting, as if it were a dance." Zuberi was fighting every urge to stop this barbaric action. This is what made him dislike the current Pharoah so much, was his blatent disregard for human life. "The one that is still alive at the end of the fight gets the prize of my son for the evening. I thought it might be a good present for him, and maybe take his mind off of... other things." Zuberi could hear the cold coming from the pharoahs mouth as he said other things. So the rumors were true, Laurent had done the deed. Zuberi took a drink from his cup, ignoring the battle going on in front of him.

pissiMissi796: Her hands shook, she swung the dagger at the girl as they moved just messing each other. They had talked about not actually hurting each other during the fight a few nights before but this girl didn't seem like the same person. She was moving frantically, too wild to be the same girl. Halima's grip tightened on the dagger's hilt, she grinned and toss it into her other hand and ran towards her. Then it happened. Fire slashed across her back, snapping the cloth, exposing her breasts. She collapsed to her knees on the floor, hot liquid was flowing down her back. Blood. She groaned. There was shouting from the crowd. Halima turned slowly, her blood was boiling now she got up and ran towards the other girl dagger in hand she slashed across the girl's cheek.

XanderHew: Zuberi was shooken by the cry coming from Halima as her opponents knife graced against her back. He stood up, and looked down upon the pharoah, as if asking him to stop, without saying it verbally. But it was no use, the pharoah was in a trance staring at the two women fighting in the middle of the room. Zuberi looked at his men, as they cheered and laughed louder with women on their laps and booze dripping from their mouths. He may not be able to control the fight, but he sure could control his men. He walked closer to the fight, and stood in the way of his mens view. He looked at them with the cold eyes of a leader, as the laughing and boast stopped. The room fell silent except for the two girls grunting and fighting just a few feet behind him. He ignored the fight and stared down his men. Zuberi looked back at the old pharoah as he sat in his chair, still staring at the fight, unaware of what else was going on around him. Then Zuberi stared back at his men, shouting "The celebration is over, I order you all to disperse immediately. The men stood up, without any groans, and made their ways out of the great hall. The women followed, some coupled with the war-torn warriors. As the last soldier made his way out of the hall, Zuberi noticed that the fight behind him had ended. He was afraid to turn around completely and looked back at the pharoah, who had a devilish grin on his face. Zuberi knew that one of the women was no longer with them.

pissiMissi796: Panting heavily, Halima ripped the dagger out of the other girl's chest, hot blood pouring all over her. She pushed the body off of her, it fell to the floor with a thud. Trembling, she looked at the Pharoah and ripped off the braided wig, her long blonde hair fell from their pins. Covering herself, she threw down the dagger and followed the other girls to the bedrooms. Which she knew for her would consist of a hot bath, more paint, make-up another wig and a bedding with the young prince who was now more then likely with his lover. Lucky him, she thought.

XanderHew: Zuberi was still looking at the pharoah as the other girls quickly took Halima out of the room to dress her wounds. The pharoah's eyes were staring coldly at the corpse that was now on the floor. Zuberi turned in disgust towards the fallen women and picked her up. Taking her out of the room. He shut the doors behind him leaving the pharoah alone in the dark.After dropping the body off with the high priest in the temple, Zuberi made his way back to his living quarters. He was disgusted with the pharoah and the gods, for their lack of heart. He opened the door to his home, still thinking about Halima, and wondering if she was alright. The thoughts of her body being slashed were running through his mind, haunting every step he took. He made his way to his bed, to take a well deserved nights rest and was shocked to see what was on his bed. "Halima..."

pissiMissi796: She gasped, "Zu-" she stopped and sat up, "You're the warrior, Laurent sent me to?" Halima blushed, realizing how that might have sounded, "I mean...I knew you were coming home...I'd heard it from the queen's servants. But I didnt know,..." she blushed more and shifted against the sheets, looking at the floor.

XanderHew: Zuberi was glad to see that she looked unharmed. He remembered her from his teenage years, because she used to follow him and the prince around when they used to hang out. He thought she was a cute little girl, espacially when she would blush whenever he smiled at her. He knew she had a crush on him, and he couldnt help but admit that he saw something in her too. Perhaps because she had the fairest skin, and the most exotic hair. Now, she was laying in his bed, a gift from his friend the prince. He smiled at her, "Youve grown up a lot since I last saw you."Zuberi walked over to his washbowl that was next to his mirror, and began to wash his face. He could feel that Halima was uncomfortable, and caught a glimpse of her in the mirror. He could see small tears falling from her eyes, smearing the makeup that the other girls had put on for her. "Whats wrong Hamila?" Zuberi said as he went over to sit next to her, putting his arm around her shoulders. He felt that he may already know the answer. Perhaps tonight was the first time she ever killed a person. Zuberi couldnt remember how much pain he felt after his first time, but he knew that he felt some. He was used to it by now, killing thousands of people during the last 10 years.
He grabbed the corner of his blanket that she was laying on to help clean off the tears from her face. She stared back into his eyes, with tears filling her eyes. He pulled her in to hug her as she started to cry on his shoulder. "Its over now, its the past." He whispered to her as she continued to cry. "You had to do it, she knew you had no choice, and she will forgive you in the afterlife. Look at me Halima" he said as he pulled her back to stare into her eyes. "I swear to the gods that you will never have to do that again. I will protect you, even if I have to take on the pharoah himself."

pissiMissi796: She managed a laugh, "Don;'t be so dramatic. It's nothing," she scooted away. Halima wiped her eyes, golden and black paint wiped onto her arm. "I'm just tired and my back hurts a lot....."

XanderHew: Zuberi forgot that she wasnt a little girl anymore. In fact, it was kind of a relief, and he got that feeling again that he had when he first saw her walk into the great hall. "May I see it?" he asked.

pissiMissi796: Halima licked her lips, "I guess," she turned her back to him, closing her eyes. She put her arm against the bed post, leaning her head tiredly against her arm, "I had no idea it would turn out that way," she whispered.

(to be continued)
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Laurent/Jumoke: A Night for Forgiveness [Oct. 27th, 2005|12:27 am]
Hathor's Desire: Goddess of Love and Pleasure
(Don't worry, I havent forgot about Halima....the boys just needed some time alone XD)
inuyasha_the_fallen_one: He laid his head on the pillows, god it'd been so long since he'd slept, a few days, and to make it better on a real bed. He felt his eyes beginning to drop but he kept them open. Waiting for the prince to return though he knew the audince woulden't be over for few hours.

kagome_kamiya796: He'd managed to slip away from his Father's side once again. Scampering down the halls he ran up the many stairs of the palace, "Jumoke?" He whispered, pulling the silken cloth back, that served as a door for his chambers. Laurent sighed relieved to see his beautiful lover against the cushions of his bed. The boy walked towards him slowly and sat on the bed next to him.

inuyasha_the_fallen_one: He roused out of the light doze and opened his eyes, fearful to see someone else, but relieved to find it was Laurent. "Left the show early...?"Jumoke asked quietly, his voice deep as if he'd been sleeping or attempting to. He sat up, and leaned slightly on Laurent though he doubted the weak boy could hold him.

kagome_kamiya796: "I couldn't enjoy it..." he blushed as the young man leaned against him. "...kn-knowing you were up here. I-I've missed you so much," he said putting his head against Jumoke breathing in his scent. oh god he smells so good. "Jumoke, I...." hope you can forgive me one day...

inuyasha_the_fallen_one: He knew the boy was going to try and apologize again, and he didn't want to think about what would happen to them later he only care about Laurent now. He kissed Laurent, stopping his apology before another words past his lips. He felt safer knowing everyone else was at the show.

kagome_kamiya796: A slight shiver passed through him as Jumoke's lips pressed against his. Laurent broke the kiss, his cheeks were bright red, "Oh I've really missed this!" he said quietly.

inuyasha_the_fallen_one: Jumoke felt a smile threaten but he held it back, kissing him deeper this time he pulled back after running out of air"Show me how much..."Jumoke whispered the invitation to Laurent.

kagome_kamiya796: The boy blushed more and touched his shoulder pressing his lips against his, Laurent inched closer to him. Nervously but without shame he kissed his neck moving down Jumoke's chest, down his stomach.

inuyasha_the_fallen_one: Jumoke's breathing increased when he sensed where this might be going. Leaning back a little bit he lifted his body towards Laurent. "Laurent..."He whispered, as the boy moved down his stomach, his body more then eager for such attention, after being neglected for so long.

kagome_kamiya796: Laurent moved in closer pushing aside the young man's cloths covering his sex, he sucked in a nervous breath before taking a deep taste of, not his member, but his sac. Licking closely under them he pushed the sac with his tongue stabbing at them with his hot tongue. The boy trembled with his own actions, he continued licking the flesh beneath them before taking them, well as much of them as he could into his hungry mouth.

inuyasha_the_fallen_one: Looking down at Laurent, as his tongue hit flesh, Jumoke had to struggle not to cry out."L-Laurent.."he whimpered, he knew he coulden't moan or cry out. Only small whimpers, and the jerk of his body told Laurent how well he was doing. Jumoke's fingers clutched around the soft sheets of Laurent's bed as he swallowed back another moan.

kagome_kamiya796: He opened his mouth, his trembling lips wider, his fingers squeezing gently at his lover's sac while taking the throbbing organ into his mouth pushing the tip against the roof of his mouth and then deep down into his throat and sucked with long strokes of his tongue. His face was of fire now his own heart pounding like mad. Laurent's own member was stiff, the muscles in his legs so tense they would surely be aching later. He felt his lover push against him then suddenly he pulled away and squeezed the young man's soaked tip with his thumb, index and middle fingers

inuyasha_the_fallen_one: What was this? Laurent was on fire never had he done these things to him. He could barly keep his breathing under control, until he felt Laurent take all of him into his mouth"Laurent ah!" he felt hands squeeze him. He lifted his hips into Laurent's grip pushing more of himself into the boy's hand.

kagome_kamiya796: Laurent smiled alittle embarrssed and squeezed harder on the man's tip watching as his lover's glorious muscular body convulsed against the silk fabrics, how his body glistened with his sweat and the delicious juices coming from his perfect organ. The boy suckled on his tip, his other hand grabbing roughly on his sac and pulled on it as he sucked in attempt to milk his release from him.

inuyasha_the_fallen_one: He squirmed beneath him"Laurent! Laurent!"he cried out "I... I"He tried to choke the words as he felt his release build. His muscles tightened, and he grabbed tightly onto the covers of his bed. His release burst from his tip, it had been so long there was more then the usual amounts of his juices pouring from him.

kagome_kamiya796: The young man groaned as his lover released his fluids into his mouth, allowing most of it to gather in his mouth, Laurent looked up at him and swallowed heavily the contents of his delicate mouth. He moved to claim Jumoke's lips, the fluid running down his chin, opening his lips to kiss him, a stream of cum clung to both Laurent's lips only broken by Jumoke's tongue as they kissed passionately. (yummy)
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Halima/Jumoke & Laurent/Jumoke [Oct. 26th, 2005|08:53 pm]
Hathor's Desire: Goddess of Love and Pleasure
kagome_kamiya796: Halima returned her gaze to the looking glass admiring herself more, her body tingled with excitement and nervousness. Not since she was a child did she have an audience with the Pharoah. Such audiences were nothing personally, merely ballet like dances each child was expected to do. Her jade eyes stared at the boy within the mirror. "You're still here..." she said, "Why?"

inuyasha_the_fallen_one: He caught himself staring, not bluntly of course not, he was a servant not a fool. Staring through quick glances in which he took all of her in before looking away, hardly noticible. He whispered too himself "Kamilah...". Her voice broke his thoughts and he repeated what he said earlier"I am to aid you until you tire of me, or your audience arrives."

kagome_kamiya796: She turned to him, her body glowed with the body paint, her eyes caked with the eye paint. Her fingers twisted with eachother against her bare belly, "You knew the prince....perhaps you can tell me....what is to be expected? Do I look good enough to preform for such an audience?"

inuyasha_the_fallen_one: He nodded"Kamilah"he said again, undeciding if it was him giving her a compliment or saying her new nickname with him."The pharoah will hardly notice your dance, his eyes follow other movements."he did not speak badly of the pharoah, but the insult was implied in the right mindset.

kagome_kamiya796: Halima looked at the floor then back up at him, he is your lower remember that. "What did you just call me?" She rolled her eyes, "If not at me then just what will he be looking at?" Before he was able to answer her two maidens, their hair done up in a similar fashion to hers beneath the dark jewled wigs. "Halima! It's time!" She gasped and looked at the boy.

inuyasha_the_fallen_one: He scolded the servants"Take her to the audience now! I have other matters to attend to"Lowest form of servant, yes. But much could be accomplished through intimidation of his peers such as some level of authority. He left the dressing room of the pharoahs entertainment, heading down one of the darker less used passages, knowing he had free run of the palace while the audeince was taken place.

kagome_kamiya796: Halima followed the other girls to the large room, running the opposite way was a young man clad in a delicate fabric, his make-up showing to all who he was, grabbing her shoulders he asked, "Where is he!?" Halima gasped, "Prince Laurent!" He looked like he was going to pass out. "Don't play dumb, girl! I know he was in your dressing room tell me please!" Gasping she opened her mouth to speak, "where do all the slaves go when they hate their lives?" It was vague but she knew aiding someone, even the prince to an exiled man was punishable but a sound lashing. Laurent pushed her back and ran down the long hallways in search of his former love.

inuyasha_the_fallen_one: He knew he'd be searching for him, as if to repair the damage done. He let out a long harsh sigh, hearing the footsteps. The prince kept shooting him these looks of horrible sadness, mouthing I'm sorry across crowded halls. But it was too little to late, why didn't he stop the whippings and beatings? He only waited for the footsteps to draw nearer.


kagome_kamiya796: His chest was heaving with every breath the young man nearly collapsed in a fit of sobs as he came to the man's side, "Why are you leaving, Jumoke?" he panted, desperately wanting to hold on to him.

inuyasha_the_fallen_one: "I'm not leaving, I'm only avoiding the rest of the crowd, not to mention staying away from a room full of rowdy men, after seeing a woman such as her dance like that who do they turn to? the low servants."he shook his head and looked away as if he was insulted for having to answer the princes question.

kagome_kamiya796: The boy touched his arm, "Please don't look away from me...." He looked at the floor, "I won't let anyone hurt you. Halima is supposed to bed with me tonight as an order of my father but she is going to stay in one of the warrior's chambers, I want you to come to mine....will you, please?"

inuyasha_the_fallen_one: His jaw tightened and he grabbed the princes wrist, harder then he should"Ignorant prince, you want to bed me yet you do nothing to help me? have you not seen whats become on me"he blinked tears and slowly turned and ran the princes soft fingers down his spine"can't you feel the marks!? why do you pretend not to see them!? does it help you sleep!?"

kagome_kamiya796: Laurent closed his eyes, "Oh gods...Jumoke.." he wept and pulled his fingers away, "I did the best I could! I couldn't live with myself if you had been killed! I love you!" The boy wiped his eyes, smearing the paint. "Please...when I am Pharaoh it won't have to be this way, just hang on a little longer....please my love?"

inuyasha_the_fallen_one: He pushed his back against the wall roughly"How much longer Laurent? How long until you become pharoah? I remember the things you told me in the dark...how your afraid....afraid of becoming pharoah, how can I trust you!? you might very well back out and leave me like this!"

kagome_kamiya796: "No!" The young prince cried, "It won't be much longer, I swear to you. " Laurent moved to kiss him suddenly, tears pouring down his cheeks.

inuyasha_the_fallen_one: He sealed the swear by returning Laurent's kiss, softly his lips brushed Laurents, not a deep passionate one. Just enough to let Laurent know he still cared though his heart had hardened. He looked at Laurent and squeezed him close to his chest"The men will be searching for me after the show if I stay with you they'll find me."

kagome_kamiya796: "Go to my chamber, please wait there. No one will go in there." Kissing him again, the boy slipped away from him. "Until then," he said before running down the hallway, fighting every urge within him to stay with him.

inuyasha_the_fallen_one: He sighed and went to his lavish chambers, what the prince did not know is after a show like that they rounded up all the low class slaves. A strategy to keep the men calm some said. He could only hope they woulden't go searching for him, though he was the favorite of a rather large group.

kagome_kamiya796: Laurent took his place beside his father. The girl were getting ready for their dance, Halima and Evit armed with their weaponary for the entertainment after the dances, her felt as if he owed the girl something for her information. But it was not important. "You do not look well, my son, were you ill?" the Pharaoh asked him. Laurent smiled a little, "I was not well, father," his smile grew at the sight of the girls beginning their dance, "But I am now..." He sighed as memories of years before flooded his mind.

(to be continued)
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Halima/Jumoke: A Meeting of Sorts [Oct. 20th, 2005|12:07 am]
Hathor's Desire: Goddess of Love and Pleasure

kagome_kamiya796: Her young body glistened with golden paint, tonight would be her audience with the Pharaoh and the Pharaoh-to-be, as well as the soldiers returning from one of many wars in the distant lands. There were rumors of her childhood friend 'Zuberi' returning but her hopes had wained for such things over the years. Halima adjusted the black wig hiding her soft blonde hair from all who would look upon her. Emerald eyes glanced across the room hearing the soft patter of feet coming towards her.

inuyasha_the_fallen_one: The red lines began to drip and be was shoved into another servent who was holding a towel quickly the blood from the thin red lines on his back was wiped off and black lines were used to cover up the marks, they told the prince who would be outraged it was markings for "protection" so he wouldn't be harmed. He was told to walk stiffly and show no weakness when he approached the woman, he carried the trey of availible weapons, though there were others in the room which were often used. He knelt as instructed and held the tray"Your weapons for tonights..."he smirked eyeing her up and down for a split second"entertainment..."

kagome_kamiya796: Her eyes widened at the sight of him, "lover of the prince," she smirked admiring his muscles and turned her attention to the looking glass. "Put them anywhere, I don't care." Halima wasn't used to getting royal treatment but it was a nice change if only for one night.

inuyasha_the_fallen_one: His jaw tightened, everyone knew. He knew that, but still, he liked the intimate secrecy behind it. Well, what used to be behind it. He sat the tray down, and sat on the floor again how he was instructed, he was to aid her until she tired of his presence or the time came for her audience. She knew only what everyone else knew, probably less. She had no idea of what he and the prince shared, nor would anyone, and though he could feel his heart bleed. He knew deep down in his core it would be this way for lovers of his kind, for many years to come.

(Yes it's short but it's late....)
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